Udell Street and Rader Street Sidewalk Replacement

Contract/Project Number: CW-11-501
Project Location: Near NW - Riverside Neighborhood
Client: City of Indianapolis (DPW)
Owner: City of Indianapolis (DPW)
Owner PM, PE/PS and/or AE: Hector Mendoza
Project Length (miles or linear feet): 500 linear feet
Project Construction Cost: $117,679.00
Project Date: 07/24/2021
Udell Street and Rader Street Sidewalk Replacement
General Project Description

The objective of the project is to replace portions of the curbs, mill and resurface asphalt near curb ramps areas, reconstruct two drive approaches, replace storm sewer structures, curb ramps and sidewalks near the intersection of Udell Street and Rader Street.

Scope of Services

RGI providing professional engineering services for the curb ramps and sidewalk reconstruction. Services include but not limited to topographic survey, drainage evaluation and design, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration assistance during all phases of design and construction.

Any Unique Challenges or specialty which should be noted?
  • Resolve ponding issues at curb ramp landings due to inadequate existing curb height.
  • Supervise the construction of stamp concrete sidewalk
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