Terminal Apron Improvements

Contract/Project Number: I-19-071
Project Location: Indianapolis International Airport
Client: CHA Consulting, Inc.
Owner: Indianapolis Airport Authority
Owner PM, PE/PS and/or AE: Tony McMichael (Director, Airside Development)
Project Construction Cost: ​$200,000
Project Date: 2019
Terminal Apron Improvements
General Project Description

The Midfield Terminal Apron at the Indianapolis International Airport was constructed over 10 years ago. This terminal apron rehabilitation and repair includes concrete panel replacement, concrete pavement repairs, concrete joint cleaning and sealing, pavement marking and other isolated repairs. The project has 36 construction phases and 18 sub phases around the terminal.

Scope of Services

RGI performed construction inspection services for the Terminal Apron repairs at the Indianapolis International Airport. Our RPR assisted with overseeing the removal and replacement of concrete joint sealant as well as minor surface cracking repairs on the Main Terminal Apron. The project also featured several major repairs in the form of slab reconstruction where the pavement was observed to have failed. RGI also oversaw the routing and sealing of existing joints; routing and sealing of surface cracking as well as epoxy injection; repair of concrete joint and corner spalling; full-depth slab replacement for failed pavement sections; and replacement of existing markings.

Any Unique Challenges or specialty which should be noted?

Due the extensive phasing and the location of construction, a construction coordinator was assigned to act as the single source where information was coordinated and communicated to the necessary stakeholders. Information was shared with stakeholders such as pavement closures, gate closures, construction delays, etc. Stakeholders could also communicate with the construction coordinator on special events, irregular operations, etc.

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