Install Perimeter Fence – Phase 2

Contract/Project Number: E-19-085
Project Location: Eagle Creek Airpark
Client: Shrewsberry & Associates, LLC
Owner: Indianapolis Airport Authority
Owner PM, PE/PS and/or AE: Tony McMichael (Director, Airside Development)
Project Date: 2020
Install Perimeter Fence – Phase 2
General Project Description

The existing perimeter security fencing at the Eagle Creek Airpark facility needed to be replaced. It was determined that a multi-phase approach best suited the scope of work. This project segment was Phase 2 and spanned from Village Parkway Circle West to Airport Drive. As part of this project, the existing security fencing and access gates were removed and replaced. The proposed fencing incorporated wildlife control using concrete rat wall barriers. Drainage issues were also addressed as part of this project through the installation of additional closed storm sewer.

Scope of Services

RGI performed construction inspection services for the Phase 2 Perimeter Fence Installation at the Eagle Creek Airpark.

Any Unique Challenges or specialty which should be noted?

To minimize impacts to key stakeholders at the Eagle Creek Airpark, coordination throughout the removal and installation was critical to maintain operations. In addition, the existing perimeter fence had to be maintained at all times with no larger than a 300’ gap in any location to provide the necessary security measures.

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