IAA Economy Parking Lot

Contract/Project Number: I-21-061
Project Location: Indianapolis International Airport (Indianapolis, IN)
Client: Infrastructure Engineering, Inc.
Owner: Indianapolis Airport Authority
Owner PM, PE/PS and/or AE: Kevin Forbes, PE
Project Length (miles or linear feet): 64 Acres
Project Construction Cost: ​$3,100,000 (Phase 1)
Project Date: 2022 - Present
IAA Economy Parking Lot
General Project Description

This project involves the reconstruction of the Economy Parking Lot at the Indianapolis International Airport. Due to the complex logistics associated with this project, construction will be phased over multiple years. Customer service and safety is the highest priority for the IAA and the design team. The customer must be considered at every design stage to provide a seamless experience before, during and after construction.

Scope of Services

RGI is providing professional engineering services for the reconstruction of the Economy Parking Lot. Services include drainage evaluation and design, permitting (local, state and federal), preparation of construction documents, and construction administration assistance during all phases of design and construction.

Any Unique Challenges or specialty which should be noted?

The design team will be working closely with the IAA Operations and Planning & Development to create an uninterrupted experience for the customer.

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