I-69 over SR 13 Bridge Painting

Contract/Project Number: B-43402 / 20210001.00
Project Location: 4.25 miles S of SR 38
Client: INDOT Greenfield District
Owner: INDOT Greenfield District
Owner PM, PE/PS and/or AE: INDOT PM Kim Szewczak
Project Length (miles or linear feet): 150 ft
Project Construction Cost: $177,000
Project Date: 2024
I-69 over SR 13 Bridge Painting
General Project Description

The purpose of the project was to preserve and protect the steel superstructure of the bridge from further deterioration. The 2-span continuous, composite steel beam bridge was built in 1966. The bridge was rehabilitated in 1980 with a deck overlay, in 1996 with a deck replacement and retrofitted cover plates, and in 2017 by widening the bridge and overlaying the deck. The existing paint system has deteriorated which has led to corrosion on the steel beams

Scope of Services

RGI was responsible for the design and plan development work necessary to produce the construction contract documents. Additional environmental document preparation and utility coordination services were necessary and managed by RGI.

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