Arlington Farms Utility Main Extensions

Contract/Project Number: 20200134.00
Project Location: Greenwood, IN
Client: Denton Floyd Real Estate Group
Owner: Denton Floyd Real Estate Group
Owner PM, PE/PS and/or AE: Jared Talley
Project Length (miles or linear feet): 0.75 miles
Project Date: 2020 – Present
Resolution Group
General Project Description

Arlington Farms is a 408-Unit Apartment Complex, consisting of 17 Buildings, located along E. County Line Rd. in Greenwood, IN. The site also includes a club house, a community pool and multiple detention ponds. Water and sewer services were required for this project, but were not readily accessible, which necessitated main extensions for both utilities. The nearest existing connection for each utility was at the Arlington Ave. intersection, approximately 0.75 miles from the site.

Scope of Services

RGI performed professional services for the utility main extensions, including design of the both the water and sanitary sewer mains, coordination and permitting with utilities and traffic impact assessments.

Any Unique Challenges or specialty which should be noted?

Access to both water and sewer was not readily available at the site. As a result, an approximately 4,000 ft main extension was required for each utility. Each main also provides service for future developments along E. County Line Rd. Due to the extensive length of additional main required, coordination with Citizens Energy Group, Indiana American Water and Greenwood Sanitation was necessary to determine to most appropriate and cost-effective alignment. As a result, it was determined that the most effective alignment along the south side of E. County Line Rd. in Johnson County. However, to provide access to the City of Greenwood Utilities, annexation of the Arlington Farms site and adjacent parcels into the City of Greenwood’s limits was necessary.

Another unique aspect of this project is that the site is located within Johnson County, but the right-of-way for E. County Line Rd. is maintained by the City of Indianapolis. RGI coordinated extensively with the City and provided a traffic impact study (subconsultant) for Arlington Farms site to establish current and future impacts. In addition, the City’s long-term Thoroughfare Plan was consulted to determine the additional right-of-way requirements for future roadway expansions along E. County Line Rd. This determined the placement of the utility main alignments along with the easement/annexation agreements with the nearby parcels.

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