DPW Stormwater On-Call

Contract/Project Number: ENG-21-008
Project Location: Indianapolis, IN
Client: City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works
Owner: City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works
Owner PM, PE/PS and/or AE: Michael Massonne – DPW Project Manager
Project Date: 2021-2023
DPW Stormwater project
General Project Description

This project involves professional engineering and construction inspection services for various small drainage/stormwater projects throughout the county on an as-needed basis. The projects consist of storm sewers, culvert, ditching, channels, infiltrative practices, post-construction best management practices, and related work.

Scope of Services

For this project, RGI’s team has been working with the City’s MS4 coordinator to prepare training materials and a training program to assist DPW personnel with various types of BMP inspections. RGI has also performed testing and inspection of all publicly-owned paver installations and detention basins including the preparation of detailed reports providing an evaluation of current conditions and an outline of maintenance needs. In addition, RGI is working with DPW and the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services (BNS) to perform project closeout inspections of several privately-owned BMP’s for compliance with both BNS and DPW requirements. RGI has also trained BNS staff on how to perform future closeout and maintenance inspections on multiple types of privately-owned BMP’s. We are working directly with both the MS4 coordinator and BNS staff to create and implement a sustainable inspection, closeout, and maintenance program, which will allow staff to identify common issues and applicable solutions based on specific types of BMP’s.

Other projects included in this On-Call are the design of a small structure replacement for the crossing of 16th Street over Lick Creek.

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Dawn Replogle



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